Upgrading to Windows 10

In this days many users are trying to upgrade their system to Windows 10. Some of them are disappointed as there is no way to get the magic »update«.
Actually there will not be a classic update, but Windows 10 will be downloaded and then installed. But if you want to upgrade right now (without waiting), you can do it simply visiting the link http://www.microsoft.com/sl-si/software-download/windows10 and download the software. It is so easy!
Anyway, be aware of few things that are recommended before upgrading your system:

  • Check if your applications will run on the new OS,
  • Check if your hardware is supported (previously I blogged how to solve fingerprint sensor on Lenovo notebook),
  • Update your currently OS before you are upgrading to Windows 10,
  • Be aware that you have 30 days to roll back to the old OS. After 30 days it will not be possible anymore to do it.

If you want to do a clean installation, you will have some more work to do. The only way (as you don’t have the product key) is to upgrade the computer and after a successful upgrade write down the Windows product key. Use the software on previous link to create DVD or USB media and your key for clean installation. Unfortunately, you will need more time.

Have fun with Windows 10!.

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