Fingerprint login not working on Lenovo in Windows 10

Now Windows 10 is available and many of us are trying to install it. This causes new problems, as not all drivers and software are updated and developed to be installed on Windows 10. I have a brand new Lenovo W550s notebook and I wanted to install Windows 10 Enterprise – a clean installation, not an upgrade. Most things function perfect, but I had a problem with fingerprint logon to domain. For me it was immediately clear what is the cause. In Control Panel Biometric devices were missing and this means that software is missing.
The notebook wanted to install Fingerprint Manager Pro, but this software is not developed for Windows 10 now and you will not be able to install it from Lenovo page. But here is a simple workaround: Download the software from this link and install it:
It is the same software and you will be able to install it even if is written for Windows 8.1. It works!.

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