RDS personal desktops in Windows Server 2016

Windows server 2016 TP5 is available and there are few new features to try. Personally I was happy to see few new features because they solved some problems to me.
The first feature that I like is Session-based desktops. Practically is a new approach to VDI –we can say that is hybrid deployment between VDI and RD Session host. The result of this deployment will be that any user will have dedicated server to connect – one deployed server is full desktop for one user. This kind of deployment with installed desktop experience will look as Windows 10 and can replace deployment of Windows 10 based VDI. So where is difference? Easy to say. You can use this type of deployment in SPLA environment where VDI scenarios are not allowed, you can use it in Microsoft Azure (here you cannot deploy VDI as you cannot access to host) and similar scenarios. There is also a licensing advantage as you not need Windows 10 licenses and VLS – you can license all instances of “VDI machines” using one Windows server 2016 Datacenter license. This is cheaper!
The second feature I like is SQL database location for RD gateway. Now you can locate this database to Azure. My opinion is that in some cases this will be very positive and the right solution when we talk about hybrid deployments. It just open new possibilities to deploy a RDS farm.
You can read more about what’s new in RDS 2016 here.

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