How to change network profile with PowerShell

Many times, my customers tell me that their network don’t not work well. They have problems with access to shares, they are not able to connect via RDP to some servers and so on.
The cause of this problem is in 90% of cases a wrong network profile. This can happen if you change router, network cards or other network equipment. A small distraction when you select the network type can have big consequences by blocking many services. All of these problems have the origin in default Windows settings, as the default network profile is Public. This setting is correct because it is the optimal solution when you connect to some untrusted networks (hotels, airports…) and if we think that we travel a lot, this situation is more frequent that connecting to a new home network.
There are also many posts how to change network profile on the net. Some are better than others are, but I want to solve this problem using PowerShell. In this way it works on clients and servers, it can be done always in the same mode and you can change a profile whenever you want. It is just one command:

Get-NetConnectionProfile | Set-NetConnectionProfile –NetworkCategory Private

Network categories you can use are Private or Public. You cannot set profile to Domain.

More on Set-NetConnectionProfile can be found here..

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