How to enable the DaRT functionality in the MDT 2012

In the MDT version 2012 is possible to integrate the DaRT in boot images, created in MDT. This functionality is native, but some additional steps must be done.
For the first thing you have to download the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2011 R2 from Microsoft TechNet and install the DaRT on your computer. Of course you need a x32 and x64 computer if you want to use both versions, 32 and 64bit version. When you will install the DaRT, you will install also the DaRT Remote Connection Viewer and you can use it for later connections to other computers.

The second step is to copy the file from the folder C:Program FilesMicrosoft DaRT 7v7 to  the server folder Deploytoolsx64 or (and) x86, where Deploy stands for Deployment Share path. I’ve attached both files if you don’t want to install the DaRT on your computer, or you don’t have 32 and 64 bit versions of OS. You just rename both and to, after copying them on the server.
At this point most is done. You have to restart the MDT console if it is open,then you must go to deployment share properties,and check the DaRT integration on WinPE tab.

Be sure, that you enable the checkbox on both versions.

The last thing to do is rebuild the boot images and import them into WDS and other boot devices. (3.24 mb) (3.64 mb)


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