Remotly enable remote registry

Sometimes, when we need to connect to the registry of another computer to view or change some registry key, we are very disappointed, because this functionality is not working.
In most cases, it is our responsibility (we should think of this in advance), but we need to correct it immediately.
As we want to be able to connect on our network registry, we have to start the Remote Registry service on the remote computer. We can start it from the command prompt with sc \\computer start remoteregistry.
This will start the service and it will run it until the restart or shutdown of the computer. If you want to set a service to start automatically, you have to write another command:  sc \\computer config remoteregistry start= auto. This command will configure the service to start automatically – it will not start the service itself.
And just an advice: use a group policy to deploy settings like this. It is more transparent and you will have better results with less work.
Hope the post was helpful..

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