Problems installing Windows Server 2012R2 on HP DL380e

I received a HP DL380e Gen8 in my office to install the Windows Server 2012R2 operating system. Unfortunately, the operation was not as easy as I expected. There is no way to correctly install OS without receiving blue screen. The problem is the driver for the RAID controller B320i. At the moment, when you inject that driver, you receive a blue screen.
Here are the steps how to solve the problem:

  1. Download SPP DVD from .
  2. Update the firmware using SPP DVD:
    1. Boot the server from HP Service Pack (from DVD/using iLO Virtual media).
    2. At the Boot menu, select Interactive Mode (Automatic is default).
    3. Please wait while HP Service Pack loads on your Server.
    4. Select the Language from below provided screen.
    5. Accept HP End User License Agreement (EULA) and click Next.
    6. Click Launch HP SUM.
    7. HP Smart Update Manager will open and start building Inventory of Available Updates.
    8. HP SUM will Check Installed Firmware of your Server.
    9. Now you are at Select Bundle Filter window.
    10. You need to select HP Service Pack.
    11. Once you select HP Service Pack, click OK.
    12. Once you choose the firmware update, click on Install button.
    13. HP Smart Update Manager will install the selected Firmware updates on your Server.
  3. Once the Firmware is updated  then try to install the OS 2012 R2:
    1. Download HP supplement pack available for Windows 2012 R2 at 
    2. Unpack the downloaded file to desired media.
    3. Locate the cp020926.exe and extract it to an USB drive. (this is a functional RAID driver)
    4. Install OS directly from OS media  and for B120i/B320i controller use cp020926.exe.

This way the operating system installation will be successful.
Many thanks to HP global support for helping me solve this issue. They also promised me that in the next release of HP intelligent provisioning firmware 2012 R2 drivers will be included.
 it form here..

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  1. Hello,

    It might be that the HP G8 Microserver has the same problem. This server is using the B120i controller, which uses the same driver as the B320i.

    I’m still working to get my HP G8 microserver working with SBS Essentials 2012 R2, but getting similar problems

    Paul Bender

    1. Oh, I didn’t try with Microserver jet, But I supose that is the same issue. Yes, the driver for B120i and B320i is the same, but you may have some additional problem with Microserver. Maybe some other driver.
      As I know, HP will release new pack for Server 2012R2.

    1. I am using a driver mentioned in article: from cp020926.exe. Just extract it to USB stick and use it.

  2. Same issues here. No problem installing 2012 R2 as long as you use the built in provisioning tools on the DL360, BUT, as soon as you go to install updates, or use the drives with any intensity you get he blue screen with the error referring to the kernel security.

  3. Hello I am having the same problem with an HP Proliant ML310e Gen8 server that i recently purchased. I have tried to access the update from the link you provided but the link does not work. Do you have an upto date link?


    1. No,
      I received this link from HP support. As I know, they change online drivers and now you shold be able to download them.
      If no, please send me an E-Mail.

  4. hello please after i extract the HP supplement pack available for Windows 2012 R2 how do i install because the os the not finish installation. it gives error WIN.XML

    1. Hm, this error is really old. I hope that is corrected with some new SPP.
      My suggestion is to start installation from Microsoft server media and provide latest drivers during setup.


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