Many free tools for administrators

For any administrator, who want to use any kind of free tools to have better access or monitor some functionalities in Windows environments, here we have a list of many free tools. Just look which is usable for you and use it:
And please, test it in test environment prior you use it in production. Many times tolls are not exactly the same as you expect..

SharePoint 2013 Danger Update (?)

I had a bad surprise today when I tried to upgrade a server with SharePoint 2013 Foundation installed. Unfortunately, I didn’t put enough attention on SharePoint updates.
This month this is again one bed update! You can read about it here.

Fortunately, after a quick research of the situation, in my case the solution was simple. The cause why the service was down, was that Application pools in IIS were not running (and I restarted the server before). After I started pools, everything was OK.
So, in my case it was not very danger…

Hope this post was on time for someone..