MDT 2010 Things to have in mind

The first thing we must know is if we would like to install systems for other customers, is the page with the KMS Client keys. Here are listed all the keys needed for installing systems without prompting to type them (but we will have to change them later).

The second good thing to do is updating images. This is simple to do with ImagePatcher, which is a free download PowerShell script from CodePlex. It is also easy to use, all we must to do is open PowerShell as Administrator and run ImagePacher script in this mode is to type:
imagepatcher.ps1 -dbg:yes -imagefile:”E:DeployOperating SystemsWindows 7 x86sourcesinstall.wim” -patchimages:”all”
Of course the ImageFile parameter depends on your deployment share path.

The third thing is the Administrator account. I can’t see the reason why is it there (I know, that is DISABLED in Windows 7 by default). After I saw this, I wrote a PowerShell script, which disables Administrator account and creates a new account for administration with password. The script is available to download here (attachment).

The fourth thing is usable if you want to update installations with WSUS and this computer will leave your organization. In this case you must correct some values in the registry:
Set parameter UseWUServer to 0.

CreateUser.ps1 (434.00 bytes).