Create redirected folders with PowerShell

As many of us know, to setup redirected folders you have to create root folder, permissions and sharing manually. You do it always in the same way: search internet for exact permissions that you need to set, control that is all OK, than share the folder…
Therefore, the job is ideal for a script as is always done in the same way; the only thing that is changing is the folder location and the domain name.
To simplify all this work I wrote a script to create a folder, setup the right permissions and share this folder. The only things you have to change in the script are:

  • the folder name and location
  • the name of shared folder
  • the group to which redirection will apply
  • the domain admins group (it is changing the domain)

You have to write these four variables in the beginning of the script and then just run it. All the work is done!

You can download script here..

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